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Pandora Peroxide

Pretty on the Inside

1 May
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Um...wow I hate filling out these things. *passes out*
ac/dc, acey slade, adam carson, addams family, afi, alice cooper, anti-flag, atreyu, bat earrings, bella morte, ben graves, black sabbath, blondie, boys in eyeliner, brand new, christina ricci, chuck taylors, cradle of filth, crow, cruxshadows, cute dogs, davey havok, death by stereo, depressed, dope stars inc., drag queens, edward scissorhands, emily strange, emo glasses, eric griffin, exorcist, from autumn to ashes, ghoulscouts, goth, green day, hatebreed, him, hole, house of 1000 corpses, hunter burgan, insomnia, interesting shoestrings, internet addiction, jack off jill, jack skellington, jade puget, joey jordison, johnny depp, killer, kiss, kittie, lacuna coil, london after midnight, love it to death, malice mizer, manson, maroon 5, metallica, mindless self indulgence, molly ringwald, mountain dew, mudvayne, murderdolls, my ruin, needs friends, nin, nirvana, no doubt, operation ivy, pentagrams, peppermint creeps, pretty in pink, ramones, rancid, rob zombie, rotten prom date, school's out, sisters of mercy, sixteen candles, skinny puppy, sleepy hollow, slick shoes, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, society 1, stonesour, strange, switchblade symphony, texas chainsaw massacre, the beatles, the breakfast club, the clash, the cure, the devotchkas, the distillers, the evil dead, the eyeliners, the goo goo dolls, the lost boys, the misfits, the munsters, the nightmare before christmas, the real horror show, the residents, tiger army, ugly, velvet underground, ville valo, wednesday 13, weird, xymox